Lack of updates

When I created this blog, I thought: I’ll do a lot of writing, use this blog to drum up my business and get more clients.

What I found out was: I don’t need to. The best variant is “word of mouth” and writing in this blog is not only not necessary, but a waste of time.

The only use this blog is good for is testing: as a sandbox.

So, there won’t be any new posts in this blog till I really just want to write something.

Seeing that I don’t usually want to rant: I doubt it will be soon.

Publishing to Facebook page wall from your site (stream.publish)

Here is one way to get your site post information posted on facebook wall.

  • Add your application to Facebook: developers – button to “Set Up New Application”, and fill out all required fields – just try to save it, then add those fields it wants you to add. Note that you can change that information later. Remember you application ID, key and Secret.

WP-Footnotes to YAFootnotes

While moving Darkmatter journal from WP-Footnotes plugin to YAFootnotes plugin (custom tweaked, moved because YAFootnotes was easier for writers/reviewers) we bumped into a problem: a lot of older posts used the old syntax. We had three choices:

  • Leave WP-Footnotes plugin for older posts (different look and feel, one more plugin using up resources)
  • Change posts by hand (lots of posts)
  • Create a script to update all older posts who used old syntax.

I choose to create a script. After it was done I saw that it could be made into WordPress plugin with minimal work, so: download WP-Footnotes to YAFootnotes


It’s available at WordPress plugin repository too: WP-Footnotes to YAFootnotes.

Plugins in WordPress

Numerous sites use plugins to expand functionality offered by WordPress.  A lot of good plugins emerge and fight for a place under the sun. For various reasons I have worked with a lot of plugins and would like to make a public list of plugins I have found to fit my needs.

Ajax Plugin Helper

Very good if one uses a lot of plugins as greatly reduces the time needed to spend updating other plugins.

WordPress, version 2.9 introduced batch updating plugins thus diminishing this plugins usefulness, but still – it’s a good plugin.


Comes along with your default Wordrpress installation, to enable one must get a key (free and easy to add). Reduces spam comments, standard plugin to fill this need for hundreds of thousands WordPress users. Continue reading “Plugins in WordPress”