How to add WordPress sidebar

There comes a time in every WordPress developer life when he/she needs to add a sidebar. Don’t be afraid, my friend! It’s not as hard as it sounds like 🙂

To get that done you need functions.php and as many sidebar-<something unique>.php files as you many sidebars you want. All tucked inside your theme folder.

They all can be empty for now. We’ll fill them out soon.

First, functions.php:

if ( function_exists(‘register_sidebar’) )

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Working hard

Just completed a plugin for, dealing with OAI-PMH support for their blog. Tested it myself, the other guy (I still haven’t had the courage to ask him/her if Sanjay is his name or surname and, is it a girl or a boy name) responsible for helping darkmatter grow tested it too. Some cosmetic changes later (for plugin, not me 🙂 ) I’m one very happy, tired man.
Now I’m off to the night. I can feel bicycle calling for me. Poor guy hasn’t got out of garage lately.

XAMPP install problems

There are times when XAMPP will install, all will look OK, but it’s Apache module just won’t start. You click on the “Start” button, it starts, then stops. Click again: the same. No pop up error messages, no nothing. The problem, most often is that some other program is already using the same ports.

I have seen when IIS is using them, other programs. But, most often, it’s the Skype, you are using.

If it’s Skype, just open it, click on:

Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Connection

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Local WordPress MU install with subdomains

Sometimes one just needs to install WordPress MU with subdomains locally. Now, most of the processes here are identical to simple WordPress or Joomla install too. The one action needed for WordPress MU install only is getting subdomains to work.

So, here is step by step instruction:

  • Go to it’s administration panel. Check that MySQL and Apache is running. Clicking on “Admin…” button for MySQL will lead you to phpMyAdmin interface for your MySQL install. Make databases and users to fit your needs.

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