XAMPP install problems

There are times when XAMPP will install, all will look OK, but it’s Apache module just won’t start. You click on the “Start” button, it starts, then stops. Click again: the same. No pop up error messages, no nothing. The problem, most often is that some other program is already using the same ports.

I have seen when IIS is using them, other programs. But, most often, it’s the Skype, you are using.

If it’s Skype, just open it, click on:

Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Connection

and uncheck it:

Use port 80 and 443 as alternatives for incoming connections.

Don’t worry: Skype will continue to work.

If it’s some other program, try this one: go to Apache httpd.conf file, open it in text editor and change number 80 from:

Listen 80

to something else. Do the same inside httpd-ssl.conf file, to Listen 443 – change 443 to something else.